IIT Madras – Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

About us

Founded in 1959 the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the oldest in IIT Madras.

The Department’s essentially inter-disciplinary nature is its distinguishing factor. This allows students to develop an appreciation for a very diverse set of fields, including Development Studies, Economics, English Studies, Environmental Studies, History, International Relations, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology. The Department offers both Master’s and Doctoral programmes, as well as electives for B.Tech and M.Tech students.

Coupled with its multi-disciplinary background, the Department boasts of a highly diverse and experienced faculty. It has an excellent student-teacher ratio, providing opportunities for academically intense learning.

Equipped with state of the art facilities in a serene campus, the department offers an enriching academic environment.