The Annual Academic Conference is a unique event that reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the Department. This three-day academic event sees graduate students from across the country coming down to IIT-Madras to discuss a theme of contemporary academic relevance with select paper and poster presentations under various panels. The Conference is interspersed with Keynote Lectures by Subject Experts, Movie Screenings, Demonstrations, Workshops, etc. The event is entirely organized by the students of the department under the guidance of a faculty team and draws footfall from the academic circles both within and outside Chennai.

This year, we bring you the 7th edition of the DoHSS Annual Academic Conference on the theme ‘Subjugated Knowledges’.

Foucault’s understanding of subjugated knowledges refers to “a whole set of knowledges that have been disqualified as inadequate to the task or insufficiently elaborated; naive knowledges, located low down on the hierarchy, beneath the required level of cognition or scientificity.”. In organizing a conference around the project of re-emergence of such knowledge, we intend to explore alternative forms of knowing, religion and modernity, indigeneity and knowledge, corrupt/ed archives, recovering/reinventing language, contemporary ethnography, new texts, the politics of new knowledge, validity, and authenticity, among others.

We invite you to join us from 1 to 3 February 2018, at the Mahatma Hall (HSB 356), for an enriching academic experience! Check out our posters for the wonderful line-up of Keynote Speakers and Panels.

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