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Dr. Avishek Parui won Meenakshi Mukherjee Prize 2019

Dr. Avishek Parui, Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences on winning the Meenakshi Mukherjee Prize 2019 for the best published paper of the year by the Indian...   Read More

Book: Lifescapes

Interviews with Contemparay Women Writers from Tamil Nadu – Prof. K. Srilata and Prof. Swarnalatha Rangarajan

Book: Post Modern Literatures

This book provides an introduction to postmodern literatures by exploring its Interactoins with a range of subjects such as history, technology, media, gender, and...   Read More

Book: Mayilamma – The life of a Tribal Woman Eco-Warrior

Mayilamma (1940–2007) was an illiterate adivasi woman whose iconic leadership of her community against the unrestrained extraction and pollution of water by Coca-Cola put...   Read More

New Book – Ecocriticism: Big Ideas and Practical Strategies​

This book provides a detailed introduction to the multifaceted and evolving discipline of ecocriticism. It locates ecocriticism within the varied domains of the Romantic...   Read More

New Book – Higher Education and Professional Ethics: Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers

This book discusses the significance, relevance, and usefulness of professional ethics in the context of higher education. It highlights the pivotal role of professional...   Read More

Research Scholars Publications

Socioeconomic Impact of IoT on Agriculture: A Comparative Study on India and China.” In: Pattnaik P.K. et al. (eds). (2022). Internet of Things and...   Read More

New Book – “1-800-Worlds: The Making of the Indian Call Centre Economy”

  1-800-Worlds chronicles the labour practices, life-worlds, and media atmospheres of Indian call centre workers, and locates them within the socio-political context of the...   Read More

New book – Hastening Slowly- India’s Industrial Growth in the Era of Economic Reforms

Hastening Slowly- India’s Industrial Growth in the Era of Economic Reforms by Suresh Babu M, Associate Professor (Economics). The book is available >

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