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Advanced Linguistics

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HS 5640

Brain, Mind and Knowledge of Language
Indian Approaches to the study of languages
Generative Phonology
Generative Morphology
Syntax and minimalist Theory
Semantics, Pragmatics and Discourse
Semiotics and Sociolinguistic Theory – Concept of Speech act Transformative Generative Grammar

How do we learn first language? A theoretical Overview; Competence and performance (Form vs. Function); How
language is constitutive of being human?; Critical period hypothesis;
IPA (International Phonetic Association) Chart; Acoustics and Articulatory Phonetics; Phonology and Assimilation; Natural Class and Distinctive Features of Sounds; Superasegmental Features; Phonotactics Constraints in Word Formation;
Homogeneous and heterogeneous perspectives on language (Fluidity of language); Theoretical understanding of language families and linguistic area; What is the nature of language variation and language change?
Cognition and Culture
How does multilingualism correlate with scholastic achievement, cognitive flexibility and social tolerance?
Order of Words in Sentence (Subject-Object-Verb); What makes a sentence?; X-bar Theory (Specifiers vs. Complements, Arguments vs. Adjuncts); Theta-Theory; Theta Role Assignment; Case Theory (Abstract, Inherent, and Morphological Case, Exceptional Case Marking, Nominative-Accusative vs. Ergative-Assaultive patterns); Raising Movement (A-Movement);

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