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Conflict, Reconstruction and Human Security

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This is an introductory course aimed at familiarizing the learners about the nature of conflicts, strategies for resolving them, conflict prevention and issues in post-conflict reconstruction from an interdisciplinary standpoint. It also looks at the challenges for peace building in such fractured societies taking a transformational approach. On completion of this course learners will have a reasonably good understanding of conflict analysis, conflict resolution and the important themes.
1. The State of Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies
2.Analysing conflict
3.Strategies for resolving conflict such as negotiation, facilitation, mediation
4. Conflict prevention
5. Meaning and approaches to conflict recovery and peace building
6. Reconciliation after conflict
7. Post-conflict agreements and their implementation
8. Rebuilding the state and its institutions
9. Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration
10. Security sector reforms with a human security focus
11. Transitional justiceCorruption and post-conflict reconstruction
12. Case studies of Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Nepal

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