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Foreign Language (German I/French I)

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The overall objective of this course is to acquire working knowledge of the German language, roughly corresponding to the A1 proficiency level of the European Common Language Framework.

Course Contents:

​Basic German sentence structure
​Information about oneself, one’s daily routine, likes and dislikes, family, immediate surroundings
​Elementary level exposure to the history, geography, and culture of German speaking countries

Definite and indefinite articles – Adjectives – agreement with their nouns – Conjugation of verbs to have, to be affirmative, negative and interrogative foms – possessive adjectives. Contraction ‘of the’ ‘to the’ (Singular and Plural) – demonstrative adjectives – The three groups of verbs – present perfect tense with ‘tohave’ and ‘tob’ – The partitive article – Future tense – immediate future recent past – Reflexive verbs – Present perfect of reflexive verbs.

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