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Foreign Language (German II/French II)

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The overall objective of this course is to extend working knowledge of the German language, roughly corresponding to the A2 proficiency level of the European Common Language Framework.

Course Contents:

​Basic German sentence structure – complex and compound sentences, tenses, voices
Simple routine tasks, writing small texts and being able to have simple conversations on topics of common interest/s
Exposure to the history, geography, and culture of German speaking countries, small literary texts and films

French 2
The imperative mood – Comparision of adjectives – Gender of adjectives – Subject and direct object – Possessive pronouns – subject direct object – Conjugations of verbs – peculiarities of certain verbs – Imperfect tense – Adverbs – Relative pronouns, Demonstrative pronouns – interrogative adjectives and pronouns – Agreement of the participle – Grammatical analysis – Future perfect-past perfect-present participle, Conditional present.

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