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Human Rights and Justice

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This course examines human rights from socio-historical and philosophical perspectives and tries to understand their contemporary relevance in the changing global scenario with an attempt to relate it with the notion of justice. After examining the prospects of a normative framework for the discussion on human rights, the philosophical foundations will be analysed. The socio-political aspects will be brought to the forefront with an examination of the various issues involved and with case studies. The course will examine in detail the concept of justice and its foundational status in any discussion on human rights.Human rights: historical perspective; normative framework of international human rights; philosophical foundations; institutionalization of human rights in political thought. Comparative human rights; sociological aspects; Western and non-western societies; relativism; democracy and human rights; human rights in the postmodern world; human rights and contemporary issues; environmental issues; globalization; war, terrorism and refugees; justice; dharma and social order; role of Government, international agencies and NGOs.

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