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International Relations: Theory and Practice

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HS 2012

This Course will introduce fundamental concepts in international relations theory, and discuss the structure and practice of contemporary international politics. The course will also discuss the critical challenges to the current structure of interstate relations and debate the possible future structures of the international order.Concept of state and sovereignty
Liberal and Neo-liberal Theories of IR
Realist and neo-realist theories of IR
Constructivist approach to IR
Critical approaches to International Relations
The course will apply the theoretical insights to discussions on recent historical and contemporary international relations.
This would include discussion on the creation of the international system in the post war period, the changing role of great powers and current threats (“Clash of Civilizations” Viz terrorism, global energy and environment crises, nuclear Nonproliferation), facing the international system.
The course will also include discussion on the possible shape (Unipolar, multipolar, bipolar or beyond) of the future international order.

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