Energy Technology and Policy

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Energy group at CTaP is working towards a long-term goal of building sustainability in the process industries on the energy front through the following three aspects;

  • Effective Deployment of Energy Conservation Measures Through Energy Assessment and Sectoral Benchmarking
  • Achieving Energy Efficiency Through Energy and Process Integration
  • Deployment of Clean and Low Carbon Energy Sources (Electrical & Thermal) Through Effective Energy Storage Techniques

We have been performing the following activities in order to achieve our goal;

Energy Assessment Survey

Sectoral based preliminary surveys to understand their existing pattern of energy usage and energy conservation measures adopted by them to save energy. Followed by a detailed energy assessment to evaluate the energy conservation measures and unveil the maximum possible energy savings to them by providing necessary support and solutions.

Technology Development

As a part of our academic activity, we have been constantly working on developing innovative technologies to achieve energy efficiency by utilizing the available energy to its maximum potential.


The Energy Group shall be engaged in teaching Energy Economics and Policy as part of the proposed Dual Degree in Energy System. The emphasis will be on understanding the interactions between Technology, Economics and Policy.