Guest Faculty

 Name Designation Email Courses
Arvind SProfessor - Foundation of Social & Political Thought
HS5711 - Ethics
Dr. Avilash Roul
Professor avilashroul@gmail.comHS2014 - Environment & Society
Bernard D. Sami
Professorbernarddsami@gmail.comHS2030 - Modern Governments
Dr. Bhuvaneswari Raman
HS3012 - Urbanization & Development
HS4012 - Built Environment and Society
Evangeline ManickamProfessor
Johannes Wenzel
Dr. Kaamya Sharma
kaamyasharma@gmail.comHS2140 - Literature in Translation
Kajun Peng
Krishnaveni K French I
Mohan S
appa.mohan@gmail.comHS4010 - Indian Fiction in English
Nagarajan M SProfessormanakkalnagarajan@gmail.comHS3011 - The Rise of The Novel (Minor Stream III for DS)
HS3002 - Principle of Economics
M. RanganathamProfessormaduragam@gmail.comHS5340 - Money, Banking and Finance
HS3002 - Principle of Economics
Dr.Ramaa Narayananramaa49@rediffmail.comHS4560- Design History
HS5920 - Indian Art
Dr. Sabita Acharya
sabita.acharya@gmail.comHS3002B - Principle of Economics
Seshasayee S
sreesayee@gmail.comHS4001 - Decision Modelling
HS3015 - Mathematics For Economics

Usha MahadevanProfessormusha53@gmail.comHS4210 - Literature and values
Vaithegi B
William Gnanasekaran GProfessorwillygnana53@gmail.comHS3005 - Development Planning & Project Appraisal (Minor III)
HS3016 - Development Theory and Practice (Minor Stream I for DS)

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