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|    Book Chapters (Peer-reviewed)

  • “Writing as Mukti: The Story of Draupadi, the Subaltern who Speaks.” Book Chapter in Voices of the Voiceless: Perspectives on Subaltern Literatures. Ed. Francis Peter Chennai: ACE-Loyola, 2003. 87-94.
  • “Ambiguous Divinity in Manil Suri’s The Death of Vishnu.” Book Chapter in Indian Writings in English. Edited by Binod Mishra and Sanjay Kumar. Published by Atlantic Books, 2006. Delhi: Atlantic, 2006. 177-197.
  • “Nature as Third Space: A Study of Perumal Murugan’s Seasons of the Palm.” Book Chapter in Literature, Ecology and Meaning. New Delhi: BR Publishers, 2008.
  • “Becoming the “Transparent Eye-Ball”: Ecodharma in American Transcendentalist Writing.” Book Chapter in Essays in Ecocriticism. New Delhi: Sarup & Sons, 2007. 114-125.
  • “Engaging with Prakriti: A Survey of Ecocritical Praxis in India.” Oxford Handbook of Ecocriticism. Ed.Greg Garrard. OUP. (2014) Invited Essay.
  • “Sacramental Commons and Female Agency: Oiko-Xicanisma in Ana Castillo’s So Far From God.” Book Chapter in Environmental Crisis and Human Costs. Eds. Ufuk Ozdag and Francois Gavillon. CLYMA Series, Benjamin Franklin American Studies Research Institute. (Forthcoming 2014)
  • “Women writing Nature in the Global South: Perspectives from India.” Book Chapter in Handbook of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology. Ed. Hubert Zapf. Pub. Walter De Gruyter. (2016). Invited Essay. Peer-reviewed.
  • “The Possibilities of a River and a Ritual Dance.An Ethnographic analysis of Kuttan Vayali’s Bhagavathy Aatu.” Co-authored essay with Sreejith Varma in Ecodocumentaries: Critical Essays Ed. Rayson Alex and Susan Deborah, Palgrave Macmillan, UK (2017).
  • “The Politics of Land, Water and Toxins: Reading the Life-narratives of ThreeWomen Oikos-carers from Kerala.” Co-authored article with Sreejith Varma in Women and Nature? Beyond Dualism in Gender, Body, and Environment. Ed. Douglas A.Vakoch and Sam Mickey. Lexington Press, USA (2017).
  • “Encountering the City and the Forest in C. N. Sreekantan 
Nair’s Kanchana Sita.” Co-authored essay with Anchitha Krishna in Ecocultural Ethics Ed. Rayson Alex et al. Lexington Press, USA (2017).
  • “Re-membering the Coyolxauhqui: Conocimiento as Environmental activism Ana Castillo’s So Far from God and Helena Maria Viramontes’s  Under the Feet of Jesus.”  Co-authored essay with Lakshmi Chitra Dilipkumar in Green Critique to be publishedby Rowman and Littlefield in 2019.

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