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|    Chapters in Edited Books

  • Forthcoming: M. S. Visakh and R. Santhosh. “Islam, Development and Neoliberal Globalisation: Transformation of a Traditionalist Muslim Organisation in Kerala” in Muslim Marginalities and Development Promises in Fazal Tanweer, Divya Vaid and Surinder S. Jodkha (ed.), New Delhi: Routledge Publication.
  • Santhosh. 2020. “Religious Activism and Secular Ethos: A Study on Islamic Activism in Kerala” in Multiple Secularities; Anthropological Perspectives on Religion in India, Sudha Sitharaman and Anindita Chakrabarti (ed.), New Delhi: Routledge Publications.
  • Santhosh. 2018. “Beyond the Binaries of the Secular and the Islamic: Muslim Women’s Voices in Contemporary India” in Postsecular Feminisms: Religion and Gender in Transnational Context, Nandini Deo (ed.) London: Bloomsbury Publications.
  • Santhosh. 2015. “Muslims in Contemporary India: Socio-religious Diversity and the Questions of Citizenship” in Handbook on Contemporary India, Knut A Jacobsen (ed) Routledge, London: Routledge Publication.
  • Santhosh. 2015. “Islamic Activism and Palliative Care: An Analysis from Kerala” in Religion and Politics of Development, Philip Fountain, Robin Bush and R. Michael Feener (ed.), New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Santhosh and Shaji Varghese. 2010. “New Locations and New Articulations: Practice of Sociology in an Autonomous Institution” in Practices in Sociology: A Handbook, Maitrayee Chaudhuri (ed.), New Delhi: Rawat Publications.
  • Santhosh. 2009. “The State and Religious Contestations over Human Body: A Study on Hook-Swinging and Production of New Human Subjects” in The Body in Asia, Bryan S. Turner and Zheng Yangwen (ed.), Oxford: Berghahn books. (Scopus Indexed)

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