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  • Kujur, S.K., & Goswami, D. (2022). Do comprehensive labor measures reduce the severity of the pandemic? Evidence from India. International Journal of Social Economics. ID:
  • Goswami, D., & Kujur, S.K. (2022). Employment inequality in India during the pandemic. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: An International Journal. ID:
  • Kujur, S.K., & Goswami, D. (2021). National Manufacturing Policy: A reality check. Economic and Political Weekly, 56(45-46), 20-24.
  • Goswami, D. & Kujur, S.K. (2021). Need for minimum wage. Economic and Political Weekly (Letters), 56(30), 4-5.
  • Kujur, S.K., & Goswami, D. (2021). Do Covid-19 induced NHRD policies have a dampening effect on employment? Human Resource Development International, 24(4), 454-464, ID:
  • Kujur, S.K., & Goswami, D. (2020). COVID-19: Severity of the pandemic and responses of Indian states. Journal of Public Affairs, 20(4), ID:
  • Kujur, S.K. (2019). Use of Traditional Inputs and Advanced Industrial Technology in Value-added within the Pulp and Paper Industry in India. Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 38(6), 542-557, ID:
  • Kujur, S.K. (2018). Impact of Technological Change on Employment: Evidence from the Organised Manufacturing Industry in India. The Indian Journal of Labor Economics, 61(2), 339-376, ID:
  • Kujur, S.K. (2017). Globalization, Energy Efficiency and Material Consumption in India’s Pulp and Paper Industry (1980-81 to 2009-10). Review of Development and Change, 22(1), 138-172, ID:
  • Kujur, S.K. (2016). Testing the Role of Trade and Input Use in the Long-run and Short-run Growth of India’s Pulp and Paper Industry. The Empirical Economics Letters, 15(3), 257-264, ID: The Empirical Economics Letters (
  • Kujur, S.K. (2015). An Empirical Assessment of Long-run Growth in India’s Pulp and Paper Industry, 1961-2011. International Journal of Development and Social Research, 4(2), 67-84.
  • Kujur, S.K. & Panda, A. (2013). OTIF Score and Consumer Complaints: New Integrated Micro Measures to Assess Mill Performance. Inpaper International, 16(1), 31-33.

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