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| Research Guidance (Ph.D)

  • S Rajasulochana, CEmONC centres of Tamil Nadu, India: An analysis of technical efficiency, preferences and constraints. July 2014
  • Mantu  Kumar Mahalik, Price Dynamic in Indian Commodities Futures Markets: A Comparative analysis across commodities and exchanges. Dec 2013
  • S D Vaishnavi, Determinants of Health Care seeking behavior and equity implication: A household level analysis of Tamil Nadu, India. Feb 2010
  • Mridula S Mishra, Performance Analysis of Retailing Sector in India in the Emerging Competitive Environment, Mar 2006
  • Prakash Singh, “Analysis of Banking sector operations in India with special response to Private banks in response to technological and other developments with a view to develop a future banking model”. Mar 2005
  • Sivaja K Nair, Reemergence of the Communicable Diseases in Kerela. On-going
  • Manoranjan Sahoo, Dynamics of India’s Current Account Imbalances, submitted
  • T Balaji, Negotiating Poverty: A study on Density effect around the poverty line for selected States, On going
  • Veenapani Rajiv Verma (July 2014), To be approved, On-going
  • G Sumirtha (July 2014, To be approved, On-going
  • Deepak Behera (Dec 2014), To be approved, On-going
  • Pallav Bhat, (Dec 2015),  To be approved, On-going
  • Tulasi Malini Maharatha, (July 2016), To be approved, On-going

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