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Meet Our Faculty Team

Nancy Zafris

Former Editor
Kenyon Review
Gambier, Ohio, USA

Geeth Kothari

Non-fiction Editor, Kenyon Review
Senior Lecturer, Department of English
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Chris Gillen

Professor of Biology
Kenyon College
Gambier, Ohio, USA

Dr. Yutan Getzler

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Kenyon College
Gambier, Ohio, USA

Prof. Robert Mauck

Professor Emeritus of Biology
Kenyon College
Gambier, Ohio, USA

Sam Zafris

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Geetha Iyer

Mellon Science and Nature Writing Fellow English
Kenyon College
Gambier, Ohio, USA


The student readings helped us from a technical point of view. We saw the techniques, strengths, and weaknesses of others. It also helped us from a aesthetic point of view. For example, the aesthetics of a scene that someone described. Finally, it helped reignite in us the love of language, and learning. The stories of people fascinated me. I was able to discover that they had a rich, inner world just like me.
Vatsala Saxena
Fiction Group
Yes, it was memorable experience and great value addition for me. I now professionaly interpret the words and start the writing on any topic in more eloborative way. It helped me to improve my way of telling my idea and science more clearly in words
Ankit Vijayshankar Tiwari
Science Writing Group
It was beneficial. I was able to understand the different thought processes of different people and each one was very unique in their own way. It is a great method to appreciate and understand other works. It was great to meet the faculty, TA's and students from various places. We learnt alot through this workshop. Thank you.
Mehaa Shree
Non-fiction Group

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