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Photo Exhibition on

“We too contribute!”~ The elderly poor and Chennai’s economy

@ 5.30 pm on 18th March, 2010


a Public Meeting on

Globalisation, Development, Livelihoods and Old Age Poverty

@ 600 pm on 18th March, 2010


Inauguration of Photo Exhibition

Harsh Mander,

National Commissioner appointed by Supreme Court in Food Security case


IC & SR Complex, Near Gajendra Circle, IIT-Madras, Chennai

 (Landmark: From IIT Gate take the IIT bus to Gajendra Circle. IC & SR is close by &

opp. To Humanities Department)

Date & Time:

18th March, 2010

 Inauguration and Discussion: 530 to 730 p.m.

Exhibition: 18th to 20th March, 2010



Chair: Prof. Arvind Sivaramakrishnan, Asian College of Journalism

Prof. Barbara Harris-White, Oxford University, UK

Harsh Mander, Supreme Court appointed National Commissioner on Food Security, Delhi

Dr. Mark Gorman, Helpage International, London

Shiraz Balsara, Kashtakari Sanghatana, Maharashtra

Pramila Krishnan, Journalist, Deccan Chronicle, Chennai


Supported by

HelpAge India

HelpAge International

New Dynamics of Ageing

Milind Brahme,Penny Vera Sanso V. Suresh
Dept of Humanities,Birkbeck CollegeCentre for Law, Policy
IIT-MadrasUniversity of London& Human Rights Studies

Contact: Dr. V . Suresh: 94442-31497/ rightstn@yahoo.com


About the Photo Exhibition

What do you consider the retiring age? 58? 60? The urban poor don’t retire – they work till the end of life. They do unpaid work at home, allowing others to do paid work. They work long hours ‘helping’ family businesses, thereby keeping costs low which can then be passed on to you, the buyer. They also earn on their own account, either in paid work or in a petty business, providing the low-cost goods and services on which we all depend. Their work is much more important than we think. Not only do they increase the earnings of their own BPL families but they are critical to many economic sectors. Elders play an important role in the distribution of agricultural products, getting them from the wholesale market to where you need them near your office, in your neighbourhood and to your door. This is just one way elders are economically important.

The photos here capture a small range of the economic activities of the elder urban poor that help you, their BPL families and the economy. Once you start looking you will see elders working all over Chennai.

That is the point of this exhibition. Elder workers are not seen and because we don’t see them no development plans include them, including the Chennai Master Plan. How fair to them, or to you, is that?


About the Panel Discussion

The public discussion has been organized as a prelude to the 2-day Conference on `Mainstreaming Elderly in Policy, Planning and Practice’ being organized at the same venue. The speakers are well known for their work on globalisation, poverty, development and ageing issues.  Prof. Barbara economist from Oxford University, UK is well known for her pioneering studies on India, poverty and development with special emphasis on how globalisation has impacted informal sector, labour and so on. Harsh Mander is a former IAS officer and now Supreme Court appointed National Commissioner in the food security case. Mark Gorman is from Helpage International and an expert in the area of pensions and alternative economic policies for the aged. Shiraz Balsara works amongst single, destitute women in the tribal areas of Thane district of Maharashtra. She is responsible for bringing about greater attention amongst media, policy makers and others about the desperate situation of poor tribal women. Pramila Krishnan is a journalist from Deccan Chronicle who recently exposed the issue of thalaikoothal or mercy killing of elderly prevalent in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.

(For facts and figures on elders working, visit: www.rightsresearch.org)

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