Vipin P. Veetil


Assistant Professor
Room No.: HSB240B
Tel: +91 2257 4543



Academic Background:

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Paris 1 Panéthon-Sorbonne and CNRS 2018.
  • Ph.D Economics, George Mason University. United States of America. 2016.
  • Certificate in Computational Social Science, George Mason University. United States of America. 2015.
  • Master in Finance, Collegio Carlo Alberto. Italy. 2010.
  • Master in Law and Economics, Erasmus Mundus Program. Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands), University of Bologna (Italy), and University of Aix-Marseille 3 (France). 2008.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Economics, Hindu College, University of Delhi. India. 2006.
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma, Shanghai American School. China. 2003.

Research Interests:

  • Agent-based Computational Economics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Production Networks
  • Non-Tatonnement Processes


Articles in Journals:

  • Distributed knowledge and the organization of economic activity. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory. Forthcoming.
  • The pausing view of unemployment. Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review. Forthcoming.
  • Monetary dynamics in a network economy. Journal of Economic Dynamics &. Control. Forthcoming. (with Antoine Mandel).
  • Business cycles and the internal dynamics of firms. The Review of Austrian Economics. Forthcoming. (with Kushal Reddy)
  • Schumpeter’s business cycle theory and the diversification argument. 2021. Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, 18:73–288​
  • The economic cost of COVID lockdowns: An out-of-equilibrium analysis. 2020. Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, 4:431-451.(with Antoine Mandel)
  • The price effects of monetary shocks in a network economy. 2019. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organisation, 164(1): 300-316.
    (with Antoine Mandel and Davoud Taghawi-Nejad)
  • Spatial competition with interacting agents. 2017. International Journal of Microsimulation, 10(3): 75-91. (with Bertrand Ottino-Loer, Forrest Stonedahl, and Uri Wilensky)
  • Nominal GDP stabilization: Chasing a mirage. 2017. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 67: 227-236. (with Richard E. Wagner)
  • Coordination in centralized and decentralized systems. 2017. International Journal of Microsimulation, 10(2): 86-102.
  • The complexity of coordination. 2017. The Eastern Economic Journal, 43(2): 260-270. (with Davoud Taghawi-Nejad)
  • Towards a New Austrian Macroeconomics. 2017. The Review of Austrian Economics, 30(1): 19-38. (with Lawrence H. White)
  • Extended shareholder liability as a means to constrain moral hazard in insured banks. 2017. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 63: 153-160.
    (with Alexander W. Salter and Lawrence H. White)
  • Out-of-equilibrium dynamics with heterogeneous capital goods. 2016. New Mathematics and Natural Computation, 12(2): 157-173.
  • Models of human action. 2016. Cosmos + Taxis, 3(2-3): 45-55. (with Peter J. Boettke)
  • Libertarian paternalism is an oxymoron. 2011. European Journal of Law and Economics, 31(3): 321-334.
  • Conceptions of rationality in law and economics. 2011. European Journal of Law and Economics, 31(2):199-228.

Book Chapters:

  • Treating macro theory as systems theory (with Richard E. Wagner). 2015. Advances in Austrian Eco- nomics, 19: 119-144.

Book Review Essays:

  • Learning as an emergent, creative process: A review of Greenwald and Stiglitz’s “Creating a Learning Society”. 2016. The Review of Austrian Economics, 29(4): 415-428.
    (with Christopher J. Coyne)
  • “Mythology of Capital in the Twenty-First Century: A review of Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”. 2016. Journal of Private Enterprise. Spring 2016, 3(1): 21-36.

Courses Taught:

  • “Intermediate Macroeconomics”. Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. George Mason University.
  • “Money and Banking”. Spring 2015. George Mason University.

Selected Newspaper Articles:

  • Reservation in Faculty Recruitment: A Necessity for Merit, not a ‘Premium for Mediocrity’, The Wire, October 5, 2021.
  • Socialists vs conservatives harmed Indian education: Bahujans need market forces, The Print, September 16, 2021.
  • Helping supply chains recover, The Hindu, May 28, 2020.
  • Testing deregulation can help fight COVID-19, Mises Wire, ​April 30, 2020
  • Private Schools Can Tackle Caste, Wall Street Journal Asia, July 29, 2014.
  • Poor Indians Prove Amartya Sen Wrong, Wall Street Journal Asia, September 26, 2013.
  • Mass Exit From Poverty, Forbes India, July 17, 2012.
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