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21 -23 November 2013, IC & SR, Hall No.1, IIT Madras

Ever since medicine became an institutional enterprise, ethical issues in healthcare have been a major concern for practitioners, policymakers, governments and the general public. Ironically, with more advancement in knowledge and technological know-how, modern medicine now raises more ethical problems with increased intensity and complexity. Again, with modern medicine emerging as the major provider of healthcare world wide, the conflicts between the underlying assumptions that guide its practices with different cultural values become more and more visible and apparent. Many of our traditional beliefs and assumptions about life, wellbeing, happiness, death and human destiny encounter serious challenges, as the newly emerging technological contexts and practices constantly contest those postulations that enjoyed indisputable status for long.

This Workshop on Debating Biomedical Ethics in Global and Local Contexts will address some of these issues under three broad themes.

  1. Questions about Life, Living and Death
  2. Ethics, Health Systems and Economic Resources
  3. Cultural Quandaries and Cultural Lenses

Under these three themes, the Workshop explores a variety of subthemes that will bring out certain essential features of Biomedical Ethics as it is conceived and practiced in the Indian context.

The following experts have confirmed their participation.

  1. Prof. Alastair Campbell [Director, Centre for Biomedical Ethics, National University of Singapore]
  2. Dr. Amar Jesani [Editor, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics]
  3. Dr. Jyothi Idikula [St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore]
  4. Dr. Mala Ramanathan [Additional Professor, SCTIMST, Trivandrum]
  5. Dr. Mathangi Krishnamurthy [IIT Madras]
  6. Dr. Nandini Kumar [Adjunct Visiting Professor, KMC, Manipal]
  7. Prof. Dr.V.R.Muraleedhran [IIT Madras]
  8. Prof. Dr N Pandiyan [Chettinadu Hospital, Chettinadu]
  9. Prof. Dr. Sanjay Mehendale [Director,NIE,Chennai]
  10. Dr. Shweta Krishnan [Asia Safe Abortion Partnership]
  11. Dr. Swarnalakshmi[YRG CARE,Chennai]
  12. Dr. Sreekumar Nellickappilly [IIT Madras]
  13. Advocate Dr. V. Suresh [National General Secretary, PUCL and Director, Barefoot Academy of Governance]
  14. Dr. Sureshkumar [Institute of Palliative Medicine, Kozhikode]
  15. Dr.Syamala Natarajan [Founder Trustee, South India Aids Action programme]


Research Scholars, Bioethicists, Academicians, Public Health professionals, Health Systems professionals, Policy Makers and Activists are welcome to apply.


Kindly fill up the Registration Form attached and send it to the following address on or before 20th October 2013.

No registration fee is charged. Participants will be selected by a selection committee and informed by 25th of October 2013. Participation entitles you to Workshop materials, lunch and tea during the Workshop.

For a select group of outstation participants, modest accommodation, including dinner and breakfast will be arranged from 20th evening to 24th morning. This facility is for a limited number of candidates and in case you need this option, please mention it while registering.

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