Three Blind Mice - Stage Play
As part of the Golden Jublee Celebrations, No-Mad Players are staging

Three Blind Mice: An adaptation of Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap"

on 28th February 2009 & 1st March 2009
from 6:00pm onwards
@ CLT, IIT Madras
No-Mad Players:

No-Mad Players, a group formed by students and scholars of the Humanities and Social Sciences department of IIT-Madras.

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  About the play:
Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap is the play that holds the record for the longest initial run of any play in the world, with over 23000 performances since beginning its run in the West End of London in 1952.

Three Blind Mice is set in England of the fifties. Cut off from the outside world by a blizzard, tensions run high between the five strange guests, the hosts, and a police sergeant at Monkswell Manor, and things will only get worse when one of them is murdered. The killer is in the guest house, and so is their next victim. Will Sergeant Trotter catch the murderer before they murder again?

A thrilling murder mystery that showcases Agatha Christie at her very best, Three Blind Mice will have the audience guessing until the very end. Unless, of course, you already know how it ends, in which case, keep it to yourself.
Shweta Kushal
Rihan Najib
Nikhil Joseph
Manoj Ramachandran
Vibhu Tewary
Sharanya Haridas
Saudamini Kalra
Kaushik Viswanath
  Faculty Co-ordinator:
Dr. Milind Brahme
Teena Augustine
Satish Pandiyan
M M Akhil
R C Sudheesh
PR & Advertising:
Rekha Menon
Satish Pandiyan
Phani Shravan
  Stage Manager:
Evangeline Rajasekar
Teena Augustine
  Sound & Music:
Aadya Singh
K C Adaina
Raphael Joseph
Satish Pandiyan
Gayathri Vijayaraghavan
  Costumes & Make-up:
Shalini Rudra

All are Welcome

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