Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

B.Tech Elective Courses offered by HSS department

Course NoCourse name
HS1090German I
HS1100German II
HS1110French I
HS1120French II
HS2030Modern Governments and Comparative Constitutions
HS2050Sci Fiction: An Appreciation
HS2370Introduction to Sociology
HS3002Principle of Economics
HS3007Women in India: Problems and Prospects
HS3028Language and Society in India
HS3029Principles and Parameters in Natural Language
HS3031Technology and Public policy
HS3060Social History of Medicine in Colonial India
HS3090Short Story Classics
HS3280Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
HS3420China In Contemporary Global Poltics
HS4001Decision Modelling
HS4002Introduction to Indian Philosophy
HS4005Cultural Studies
HS4010Indian Fiction in English
HS4030Literature and Life
HS4031Symbolic Logic
HS4060Humanities in Technological Age
HS4210Literature and values
HS4290Development Alternatives
HS4300Applied Economics
HS4350Contemporary Issues in Development
HS4370Social Psychology
HS4450Introduction to European Philosophy
HS4571Introduction to Chinese Language
HS5612Contexts, Politics, and Ideas: An Introduction to Ideologies
HS5920Indian Art
HS5930War and Peace in West Asia
HS6017History of Science and the Public
HS6940European Union Studies