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2-year M.A. in Economics

Quality education is essential to human capital development. Select institutions in India, such as IIT Madras, are able to achieve academic excellence in both teaching and research. Spreading over four semesters, the Economics Program will contribute in multiple ways to producing quality graduates in economics. These students will have solid theoretical knowledge in economic sciences through eleven core courses. Competing and application-based elective courses will make students familiar with the recent developments in the field. Students will have the option to take two elective courses related to development studies, management studies, mathematics, computer sciences and other allied disciplines and departments of the Institute. A robust MA Research Project and a course on Research Methodology will help students develop better research aptitude.

With the expansion of the market and technology, the demand for sound economists continues to grow worldwide. This demand exists both in the public sector (e.g., Central Banks, other Nationalized Banks, and International Organisations like the IMF, the World Bank, and others) and in the private sector (e.g., private and foreign commercial banks, investment companies, and others).

Semester 1
Sl. No.Course TitleCreditCourse Type
1Microeconomics 110Core
2Macroeconomics 110Core
3Statistical Inference10Core
4Mathematical Economics10Core
5History of Economic Thought10Core
Total Credits50
Semester 2
Sl. No.Course TitleCreditsCourse Type
1Microeconomics 210Core
2Macroeconomics 210Core
3Econometrics 110Core
4Advanced Topics in Economic Development10Core
5Indian Economy10Core
Total Credits50
Semester 3
Sl. No.Course TitleCreditCourse Type
1Econometrics 210Core
2Research Methodology9Core
3Elective 1 9See List of Electives
4Elective 2 9See List of Electives
5Elective 39See List of Electives
6Free Elective 1  9Any non-Economics Elective
Total Credits55
Semester 4
Sl. No.Course TitleCreditsCourse Type
1Elective 49See List of Electives
2Free Elective 2 / Elective 59Any non-Economics Elective/ See List of Electives
3MA Project27Elective
Total Credits45
Grand Total Credits200

Sl. No.Course TitleCreditsCourse TypeCourse Code
1Economics of Healthcare9ElectiveHS6730
2Global Health and Policy9ElectiveHS5125
3Labour Economics9ElectiveHS5751
4Agricultural Economics9ElectiveHS5752
5Industrial Economics9ElectiveHS5753
6Law and Economics9ElectiveHS5754
7MNCs and Economic Analysis9ElectiveHS5755
8Public Economics9ElectiveHS5360
9Climate Economics9ElectiveHS4870
10Energy Economics9ElectiveID5070
11Applied Econometrics9ElectiveHS6510
12Production Economics: Efficiency and Productivity Analysis9ElectiveHS6140
13Uncertainty, Asset Pricing and Empirical Aspects of Financial Markets9ElectiveHS6020
14Computational Economics and Public Policy9ElectiveHS4007
15Financial Economics9ElectiveHS6210
16Behavioural Economics and Finance9ElectiveHS5756
17Corporate Social Responsibility: Integrating Business, Environment, and the Society9ElectiveHS5757
18Economics of Artificial Intelligence9ElectiveHS5758
19International Economics9ElectiveHS6550
20Applied Industrial Organization9ElectiveHS5759
21Environmental & Resource Economics9ElectiveHS4330