IIT Madras – Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

2-year M.A. in English Studies

The program aims to introduce literature, culture, and language through historical and theoretical frameworks from interdisciplinary humanistic and critical perspectives. The programme will enable students to engage with the texts and contexts of canonical British literature in addition to Indian, American, and other World literatures, along with cultural studies and literary theory. Pushing the boundaries of genre and chronology, this programme also introduces students to allied integrative domains like film studies, embodiment studies, memory studies, culture studies, linguistics, and environmental humanities. The objective of this programme is to train students to become research-ready, adept in literary appreciation, critical thinking, and academic writing, while also preparing them with the skillsets for non-academic professions such as media and publishing.

Courses in the first semester will explore the dynamic and complementary relationship between history, literature, and textuality, thus laying a robust foundation for students for their preferred research routes ahead. The second semester includes advanced core courses that further strengthen domain knowledge in the canon in addition to offering specialised courses. The third semester offers a range of electives showcasing the rich research activities in the department while also training students in advanced literary writing and research methodology. The third semester also offers a free elective which can be taken by students of other streams. The fourth semester offers further electives which will help the student to read and acquire knowledge beyond the boundaries of the canon while also incorporating skill-based electives that will make the students industry-ready.

The students will be trained in various aspects in humanistic study and practice, thus preparing them with employable skills in public and private sectors such as: Publishing companies, Universities and colleges, Research institutions, Journalism, Advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies, Media organisations.

Sl. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsCourse Type
Historicizing Literature10Core
2HS5602The Arc of the Renaissance10Core
3HS5603The Novel and Change10Core
4HS5604Indian Classics in Context10Core
5HS5605Language and Society10Core
Total Credit50
Sl. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsCourse Type
1HS5606Romantic Literature and Philosophy10Core
2HS5607Victorian Realism10Core
3HS5608Twentieth Century Modernisms 10Core
4HS5609Indian Aesthetic Thought10Core
5HS4022Introduction to Culture Studies10Core
Total Credit50
Sl. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsCourse Type
1HS5680Contemporary Literary Theory10Core
2HS5649Research Methods for Literary and Cultural Studies9Core
3Elective 19See List of Electives
4Elective 29See List of Electives
5Elective 39See List of Electives
6Free Elective 19Any non-English Elective
Total Credit55
Sl. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsCourse Type
1Elective 49See List of Electives
2 Elective 59See List of Electives
3MA Dissertation (Compulsory)27Elective
Total Credit45
Grand Total Credits200

Sl. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredits.Course Type
1HS5651American Literature and Culture9Elective
2HS5652Language, Cognition and Computation9Elective
3HS5662Film: Theory and Practice9Elective
4HS5653Literatures of the Anthropocene9Elective
5HS5812Feminist Writing12 Elective
6HS5654Literature, Technology and Medicine9Elective
7HS5813Postcolonial and New Writings12Elective
8HS6750Applied Linguistics10Elective
9HS5011Introduction to Journalism and Advertising12Elective
10HS5855Memory, History and Literature10Elective
11HS6580Indian Cultural Studies9Elective
12HS5655Editing and Publishing in Literary Studies9Elective
13HS5656Indian Writing in English9Elective
14HS5657Fashion Studies: Literature, Cinema, Society9Elective
15HS5658Literature and Rhetoric9Elective
16HS5659Principles and Practices of English Language Teaching9Elective
17HS7200Regional Literatures in Translation12Elective
18HS5660Literature and Embodiment9Elective
19HS5661Literature and Social Justice9Elective