IIT Madras – Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Development Studies

Course NumberCourse NameCreditSemester
HS4011Econometrics (new course)107
HS4012Built Environment and Society107
HS4013Gender and Development107
HS4014State and Development107
MNS3Minor Stream: Elective III97
HS4021International Economics/Public Economics*108
HS4022Introduction to Cultural Studies (new course)108
HS5060Technology and Sustainable Development108
Stream Elective I108
Stream Elective II108

Course NumberCourse NameCreditsSemester
HS 5711Ethics99
HS 5712Advanced Topics in Economic Development109
HS 5340Money, Banking and Finance109
Stream Elective III109
HS 5970Project129
Stream Elective IV1010
Elective I910
HS 5960Seminar610
HS 5980Project2410

Course noCourse NameCredit
HS4330Environmental and Resource Economics4
HS4570Gandhian Thought4
HS5070Science and Society4
HS7120Statistical System for Indian Economy4
HS6730Economics of Health care4
HS6070Democracy Theory and Practice4
HS5330History of Economic4