IIT Madras – Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

English Studies (upto batch 2022)

Course NumberCourse Name CreditsSemester
HS 3011The Rise of the Novel (new course)9 5
HS 3230History of English Language and Literature10 5
HS 3260Literary criticism105
HS 3250Chaucer, Milton and the Bible10 5
HS 3017Introduction to Linguistics9 5
MNS1Minor Stream: Elective‐I9 5
HS 3240Shakespeare106
HS 3026Twentieth Century Fiction (new course)106
HS 3120Globalization and Change106
HS 4010Indian Fiction in English96
HS 3024Research Methods and Programme Evaluation66
HS 3025Mini Project (Research Methods)36
MNS2Minor Stream: Elective‐II96

Course NumberCourse NameCreditSemester
HS 5610Poetry107
HS 5650Drama107
HS 5680Contemporary Literary Theory107
HS 5640Advanced Linguistics107
MNS3Minor Stream: Elective‐III97
HS 5620American Literature108
HS 6750Applied Linguistics108
HS 4020Introduction to Cultural Studies (new course)108
Stream: Elective – I108
Stream: Elective – II108

Course NumberCourse NameCreditSemester
HS 5711Ethics99
HS 5812Feminist Writing109
HS 5813Postcolonial and New Writings109
Stream Elective – III109
HS 5970Project129
Stream Elective IV1010
HS 5960Seminar610
HS 5980Project2410

Course noCourse NameCredit
HS2050Science Fiction: An Appreciation3
HS3010Creative Writing3
HS3090Short Story Classic3
HS4020Indian Classic and Cultural Values3
HS4260Literature and the Environment4
HS4790Gothic Sensation and Newgate Novels
HS5860Contemporary Indian Novel and Drama in English3
HS6300African & African – American Literature4
HS7200Regional Indian Literatures in Translation3
HS7410Film Theory and Practice4
HS5830Literary Genres4
HS4180Readings in German Literature and Culture3
HS5810Dalit Literature4
HS5820Translation Studies4
HS8740Drama and Performance3