Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Inter Disciplinary Dual Degree in M.A. (Public Policy)

The problems facing the country and the world today (such as climate change, energy crisis, malnourishment, digital divide among others) require a multidimensional approach and involves training that is interdisciplinary and policy oriented. The proposed programme will produce a new breed of professionals trained in Engineering and Policy Sciences.

  • IDDD in MA (Public Policy) is open to all B.Tech students. ​
  • The programme consists of 5 core courses, 3 electives, and Project work (in three stages).
  • Courses include – Policy Analysis Methods, Technology and Public Policy, Governance and Institution, Intellectual Property Rights, Economic Analysis of Public Policy, Computational Economics, Social Network Analysis, Renewable Technologies, Global Health Policy, Urban Development Policy, Digital Economy.
  • Joint-teaching of both core and elective courses with faculty members from multiple Departments.
  • Project work – with guidance jointly by HSS and faculty from other Departments.
  • The programme involves a project work in three stages with a summer term (after the 8th Semester). Project work with Planning Commissions of various state governments, Think Tanks, reputed Non-Governmental Organizations, and with elected representatives (MPs and MLAs).

The proposed programme

(a) will enhance overall value of DD students in the market — especially for those students aspiring to enter the consulting jobs; and
(b) will prepare well the students who aspire to enter the “civil services”.

Besides, most high profile corporate firms (such as TCS / Cognizant) have a Policy / Systems Division looking for persons with abilities to think from larger societal perspectives.

Sl NoSemesterCourse TypeCorse CodeCourse TitleCredits 
17th SemesterCoreHS3031Technology and Public Policy9 
28th SemesterCoreHS5950Economic Analysis of Public Policy9 
38th SemesterCoreHS5952Governance and Institutions in India9 
48th SemesterElective-1    
5Summer Project
(stage 1)
– after 8th Semester
Compulsory Project-120 
69th SemesterCoreHS5550Research Methodology (developed exclusively for the MA students)9 
79th SemesterCoreHS5953Pollution, Public Health and Public Policy9 
89th SemesterElective-2    
99th SemesterElective-3    
109th SemesterCompulsory Project-220 
1110th SemesterCompulsory Project-320
Sl. No.Core CodeCore TitleCreditsCore Type
1HS3031Technology and Public Policy9Theory / Core
2HS5950Economic Analysis of Public Policy9Theory / Core
3HS5952Governance and Institutions in India9Theory / Core
4HS5953Pollution, Public Health and Public Policy9Theory / Core
5HS5550Research Methodology9Theory / Core
1Core(5×9 credits)45
2Electives(3×9 credits)27
3Project (stages 1/2/3)(20+20+45) credits85
 Total 157+
Sl NoCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1ID5060Energy Economics9
3HS4007Corruption and Development9
4HS4330Computational Economics and Public Policy12
5HS5125Environmental and Resource Economics12
6HS5709Global Health and Policy9
7HS5880Indian Economy12
8HS5951Intellectual Property Rights: Global and Indian Perspectives9
9HS5954Public Policy for Urban Development9
10MS3540Introduction to Game Theory9
11MS4610Introduction to Data Analytics12
12MS4710Digital Economics and Enterprises9
13CE5870Infrastructure Planning and Management9
14CS6012Social Network Analysis12
15ME6148Renewable Energy Technology9