Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Milind Brahme

Associate Professor

Research Interests

  • Literary Studies
  • German language and literature
  • Education / Pedagogy 

Office Location
Room No:  HSB 351B
E-mail:  brahme[at]iitm[.]ac[.]in
Phone :  +91 (44) 2257 4508

  • German language and literature
  • Literary Theory
  • Education (School Education in India) / Pedagogical Theories and Practice
  • Rhetoric and Communication
  • Contemporary World Affairs
  • ​Sudhakaran, Swathi and Milind Brahme: Of Pain and Other Tragic Emotions: A Study of Divinity in the Folktales from Karisial Kadu
  • In: Sreenath, V S, Anandita Pan and Punnya Rajendran (Eds.): Aesthetics in India: Transitions and Transformations. Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan, 2023. pp 169-180
  • Introduction to Fury, the English translation of Austrian Nobel Laureate Elfriede Jelinek’s 2016 performance text Wut. Kolkata (Seagull Books), 2022. (ISBN: 9781803090320)
  • Sudhakaran, S and Brahme, M. (2021) Aesthetics of Excess: The Singing and Dance of Pey in the folktales from Kaṟisial Kādu. Rupkatha Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities, 13(1). DOI:
  • Carol D Souza, Milind Brahme AND M. Suresh Babu. Environment Education in Indian Schools The Search for a New Language. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development 174-189, 2021. doi: 10.1177/0973408220978845
  • Milind Brahme. Foreign Language Studies in India: Some Critical Observations. Language and Language Teaching. Vol 9 (2), Issue 18, July 2020, pp 68-74. (ISSN: 2277-307X)
  • Milind Brahme, M Suresh Babu. Rethinking Inclusive Education. In: Milind Brahme, M Suresh Babu, Thomas Mueller (Eds.). Inclusive Education in India. Concepts, Methods, Practice. New Delhi (Mosaic), 2018, pp 25-41.
  • The chapter on Literacy and Education in the TAMIL NADU HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2017, published by the State Planning Commission, Government of Tamil Nadu. Co-authored with Malathy Duraisamy and M Suresh Babu. 2017.
  • Inclusive Education in India. Concepts, Methods, Practice. Edited by Milind Brahme, M Suresh Babu and Thomas Mueller. New Delhi (Mosaic), 2018.
  • Translation as Cultural Praxis. Yearbook of the Goethe Society of India. Edited by Milind Brahme. New Delhi (Mosaic), 2007.
  • Wandern ohne Ankunft. Die entlarvende Metaphorik in den Werken von G A Kulkarni und Franz Kafka – eine vergleichende Studie. (PhD Thesis) New Delhi, 2003.
  • Guided 4 completed PhD theses: one in the area of Sociology of Childhood (Resilience in pre-adolescents), two in English Literature, and one in German Literature.
  • Co-guided 2 completed PhD theses: one in Literature and one in Sociology/Masculinity Studies
  • Currently guiding 4 more to completion: one in Environmental Education, three in literature/aesthetics.
  • Coordinated for about 8 years the monitoring in the state of Tamil Nadu of the Government of India’s nationwide campaign for primary education (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan)
  • Carried out independent research for the Government of India on the state of ICT in school education in Tamil Nadu
  • Between 2011 and 2015, done evaluation studies for a private school as well as for the Government of Tamil Nadu on their own Pedagogical Innovations in school education.The reports produced during this work are not published, but most of them are available on the Government of India’s websites.
  • UGC Research Fellow at JNU from 1990-95
  • DAAD Sanwich Model Fellowship for Doctoral Research at the Seminar für Deutsche Philologie, Uni Göttingen, October 1994-September 1995
  • Franz Werfel Postdoctoral Research Fellowship of the ÖAD for research at the Alpen Adria Universtität Klagenfurt, Austria from May-December 2005
  • 2011 to 2020 — coordinated on behalf of IIT Madras a student-faculty exchange programme with Hochschule BREMEN, under the ISAP of the DAAD.
  • 2014 to 2019 — research cooperation on Multi Grade Multi Level (MGML) Pedagogies and Inclusive Education with the Institut für Sonderpädagogie of the Uni Würzburg — funded by the DAAD under the New Passage to India programme. Apart from active student and faculty exchange, this cooperation resulted in the first World Conference of MGML Pedagogies held at IIT Madras in 2016 the publication of a volume on Inclusive Education in India in 2018, which is listed above under “Publications”.
  • DAAD Research Ambassador for Humanities, Social Sciences and Language for the period 2022-25.