IIT Madras – Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Sudarsan P


 Research Interests

  • Social and Political Systems
  • Civil Society
  • Indian Medical Ethics
  • Indian Philosophy and Culture

  Office Location

  • Room no – HSB 353B
  • E-mail: sudarsanp[at]iitm[.]ac[.]in
  • Phone : +91 (44) 2257 4526


  • Mr. Sudhakar Rao Pujari – Governance
  • Mr. Spencer Jeice – Philosophy and Politics of Education
  • Ms. Manjushree Hegde – Advaita
  • Mr. Pratap Itta – Aesthetics and Politics


  • Mr. Vijaya Kumar Dhavala – Indian Philosophy and Management
  • Mr. Thich Van Nguyen – Buddhism

Ph.D. Completed

  • Ms. Josephine Antony – Digital Divide: Equity in Education
  • Ms. Anjana Raghavan – Cosmopolitanism and Bio-politics (Co-guide: Dr. Jyotirmaya Tripathy)
  • 2013-2016 European Union funded Erasmus Mundus IBIES Consortium (6 EU & 13 Indian Univs.) – Co-coordinator, IIT Madras (Coordinator – Aarhus University, Denmark) – Value: 2.699 Million Euros
  • 2010-2011 Prestigious European Commission project for Establishing Contemporary EU Study Centres in India- Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras. Value: 196000 Euros
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