| Faculty

Prof. Aditya Kolachana

Research Interests: Mathematics & Astronomy in India, Scientific Literature in Sanskrit, Manuscriptology

Prof Arun Menon

Research Interests: Structural Safety of Historical Monuments, Traditional Knowledge Systems in Constructions

Prof. Manu Santhanam

Research Interests: Assessment of deterioration of masonry units in heritage structures

Prof. Sudarsan Padmanabhan

Research Interests: Social & Political Systems, Civil Society, Indian Medical Ethics

Prof. Santosh Kumar Sahu

Research Interests: Energy, Industrial and Global Climate Change

Prof. Rajesh Kumar

Research Interests: Natural Language Syntax and Typology of South Asian Languages, Multilingualism in Education Landscape, Human Cognition, and Politics

Prof. Jyotirmaya Tripathy

Research Interests:  Cultural development studies, Contemporary India

| Project Associates

Sreeram Gopinath

Research Interests: Mathematics & Astronomy in India, Kavya

Abhijith Sreekumar

Research Interests: Mathematics in India, Chemistry (Rasayana), Vyakarnam

Balaji Basker

Research Interests: Mimamsa, Mathematics in India, Nyaya, Vedanta & Vyakarana

| Students


Research Interests: Mathematics & Astronomy in India